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This exhibition presents an exceptional collection of works by Jean Dubuffet, subversive, renowned iconoclast, founder of Paris in "The Company of raw art" in 1948 and author, among others, the Treaty "The favorite Art Brut arts cultural "in 1949.

Under the heading "Dubuffet. Jean cities, Jean fields", this hanging at the heart of the three collections of the museum reveals the artist's attention to "the common man" immersed in the heart of the world. In fact, from 1943 until the death of Jean Dubuffet in 1985, the relationship between humans and the natural or urban territory will stop being questioned and reinterpreted throughout his career.

Over a particularly exhilarating choice of thirteen paintings and sculpture dating from 1949 to 1982 the "Jean cities" and "Jean fields" thus stand in front and in the landscape as they stand on and in painting including the strict sense as the material can become thick and consistent as the earth itself. They have mostly curious and bewildered children. And wander along the winding paths and tracks of disconcerting "grotesque landscapes" such explorers free and unattached and mingle with the spectators amazed by the theater "Paris Circus".