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Damien Hirst - Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

Punta della Dogana   |   Venise

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closing in 6hr
The Enfant Terrible of contemporary art is back. The British artist Damien Hirst is hosted at the Pinault Foundation in Venice for a monumental exhibition. In two places, at the Palazzo Grassi and at the Punta della Dogana, it draws the viewer into an underwater fiction

It is this spring event exhibition, it tells the legend of "The Incredible", a ship that sank centuries ago off the coast of Africa, taking with it its priceless cargo.
In the holds of the ship, sphynxes from Egypt, Greek statues, bronze colossi, gold, jewels and weapons in profusion.
This treasure swallowed, Damien Hirst pretends to have found it in the depths of the Indian Ocean. He would then have extracted it from the depths during an alleged campaign of underwater excavations whose videos are projected throughout the exhibition.
In Venice, the artist exposes the fruit of this miraculous fishing, whose pieces are still covered with hardened algae, corals or shells, as many footprints as the sea has deposited over the centuries.

A fabulous treasure in a baroque orgy of materials, an unrivaled technical mastery, a profusion of pieces more extraordinary than the others. From the smallest shells to the 18-meter giant, to a room upholstered with designs with incredible delicacy and finesse, in a mirror of references to Antiquity, art history, pop culture, Damien Hirst leaves all his madness explodes here.

A series of spectacular works never seen before, the artist has worked for 10 years on this project.