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Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge is an elegant Art Deco style suspension bridge which crosses the Golden Gate strait separating the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco Bay.

True symbol of the city of San Francisco, its construction has yet met with strong resistance, when Joseph Strauss, a pioneering engineer who already had to his credit the construction of over 400 bridges in the world, announced that he could do the impossible by connecting this impressive Strait, for just $ 27 million, its critics assured that the waters of the bay were too deep and turbulent for such an endeavour, and it would take 75 million more. Still, the founder of the Bank of Italy took over its financing, and the bridge was completed May 27, 1937 for a budget of $ 35 million.

From the Vista Point (Marin County), you have a beautiful view of the bridge and also from the wooded hills of the Presidio.
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