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Centre International de l'Art Parietal

Montignac | Prehistoric Art

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The Montignac International Center for Parietal Art, located on the hill of Lascaux, near the original cave, offers the general public a virtual reproduction of the cave paintings and engravings.

The recontextualization of this figurative ensemble makes it possible to better understand the techniques used during the Paleolithic period. To preserve this priceless heritage and allow the public to discover it, the Ministry of Culture is committed to making virtual restitutions to avoid degradation of the site by intervention or the presence of man. It is in this perspective that the Center (Lascaux IV) was conceived, an ultra modern project that proposes a set of activities and playful interactions based on new technologies.

Unlike a museum, the International Center of Parietal Art is not intended as an exhibition, but aims to explain the site and its richness. Giving to see at last the whole of the cave constitutes the essential element of the project, at the same time as the use of the new technologies of the image and the virtual one.
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