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Appartement Témoin Perret

Le Havre

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opening in 16hr
A model apartment allows you to discover the facilities offered by the Perret workshop to rehouse the inhabitants: double orientation, optimal sunshine, kitchen and bathroom included, chutes, forced-air heating.

The chosen furniture refers to facilities of the apartments-types presented during reconstruction (between 1945 and 1955) and intended for Le claims. Thus, the living room includes furniture René Gabriel, the room of the parents, a set of André Beaudoin, the House of children, Marcel Gascoin furniture. This produces furniture in series, the origin of the design, deserves to be rediscovered for its rationality and its careful execution.

The origin of the "Trente Glorieuses" is here recounted through everyday objects: refrigerator, cooker, pressure cooker, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, but also record player, typewriter, clothes, newspapers and magazines immerse visitors in a time having fed the life style that we know today.
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