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Ecomusée de la Bresse Bourguignonne

Pierre-de-Bresse | Arts décoratifs - Histoire
Established since 1981 Pierre-de-Bresse, in the prestigious setting of the ancient castle of the Counts of Thiard built in the 17th century and became the property of the department of Saône-et-Loire, the Living Museum of the Burgundian Bresse is the true conservatory the memory of the Bresse country. It has through its permanent galleries natural environment, history, ancient crafts, aspects of traditional life and the past and present social and economic situation of the Burgundian Bresse.

Honoring its "green", 2 exhibition halls are devoted to the "castle life" and have the premises as they were at the time of the illustrious family Thiard.

Different aspects of the natural environment are presented Bressan (geology, rivers, forests, crops ...). A room devoted to the history explains the elements of the territory of Bresse. Arts and popular traditions (costumes, pottery, music) and bressanes iconic activities (mulching chairs, raising chickens, tile, etc ...) are evoked through numerous displays and re-enactments.
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