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The birth of a border town to the sound of pianos four reconstructions of coffee eras from 1880 to 1935 (trompe l'oeil, a vertical iconography, video animations, soundscapes, music, testimonials)

- The Italian Café traces the history of the emigration and the immigration he tells the tunneling of Mont Cenis in 1871, the perception of the border and traces the beginning of this Cooking century. It refers to the site monumental entrance of the Mont Cenis and exposure, but also to become Rizerie Alps instead of the site of exposure Lyon Turin

- Café military tells the story of men who occupied these fortifications, which were in barracks in posts of altitude maneuvers and whatever were the seasons. It evokes the neighborhood Loutraz and refers to all fortified sites

- Café path fer tells the story of Station just before the war of 14-18 the customs and police French and Italian pastures shared smuggling

- The bourgeois coffee: There was a real social life in Modane, especially in the 30s This coffee tells this phenomenon, shows, festivals, recreation, dance, and visitors can experience the sound of pianos and which are not shown on a screen
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