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Musée - Palais Fesch

Ajaccio | Fine Arts

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The Fesch museum is the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Ajaccio in Corsica. It has the label "Museum of France" Located in the Borgu of Ajaccio, in the Palace and the street of the same name, the Fesch Museum was established by the gift to his hometown by Cardinal Joseph Fesch, uncle Napoleon. This information includes one of the finest collections of paintings of old France and one of the most important Napoleonic collections.

On the death of Joseph Fesch his personal collection no less than 17,626 art which approximately 16,000 paintings, and Cardinal objects donated 1,000 tables and various objects in the city of Ajaccio. Connoisseur and collector bulimic, he decided in 1806 to create his hometown institute of artistic studies. The work of building the current Palais Fesch, began in 1827 and ended in 1852, long after the death of the patron.
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