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Musée de Châtillon-Coligny

Châtillon-Coligny | Archéologie - Histoire - Sciences fondamentales

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The Museum, labeled Museum of France, was inaugurated on 21 June 1986. It consists of three collections. Divided into five rooms, collections evoke first archaeology and the history of Châtillon-Coligny in the modern era through the Coligny and the Montmorency-Luxembourg families. Finally, visitors can discover the work of four scientists Becquerel: Antoine-César, Edmond, Henri and Jean. These four generations of scholars have been at the initiative of numerous discoveries including the natural radioactivity.

From prehistory to the Becquerel passing by antiquity, the middle ages, the wars of religion or even the expedition of Napoleon in Egypt, Châtillon-Coligny Museum invites you to a special ride on winding paths of history.
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