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Musée de l'Hôtel Sandelin

Saint-Omer | Arts décoratifs - Beaux-Arts - Histoire

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opening in 19hr
Built in the eighteenth century courtyard and garden, in the spirit of classic French style, the prestigious mansion Sandelin Saint-Omer home for more than a century of rich collections of works of art and objects that the proposed selection today extends from the eleventh to the nineteenth century. The Museum offers three main themes: Ceramics, Fine Arts, History.

Ceramics Collection: More than 4000 pieces reflect the rich history of the city audomaroise and show the extraordinary diversity of ceramic production, St Omer, in Europe and to Asia.

Collection of masterpieces: The rooms on the ground floor that have kept their beautiful carved woodwork of origin, boast a large collection of Flemish paintings, renaissance, romantic, and religious leaders-including some of works.

Local History Collection: Daily life is represented through to everyday objects (seals, weights, arms, objects)
Missing as the Old Town Hall or the Abbey of Saint Bertin monuments are restored through models, or elements of architecture, frescoes and stone carvings.
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