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Musée d'Ethnologie Régionale

Béthune | Archéologie - Beaux-Arts - Ethnologie

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The Regional Ethnology Museum has the distinction of being the only museum in the regional territory to question the social changes and behavioral changes in terms of ethnology.
Collections - Approximately 40,000 objects in three categories:
- The most important ethnographic collection,: objects from the 19th to today (including 7,000 glass plates)
- The archaeological collection from the excavation work done on Bethune and its environs, and dating from the Greco-Roman, Merovingian and medieval.
- The art collection: works Capliez, Crispin Simon, Hanicotte, Lesage Gable Delaville or Ducourant)

Since 2009, the museum has joined the San Pry Chapel, a historic space (only remaining vestige of the old hospital of Bethune) rebuilt after the First World War (1922-1925).
The museum is at present the ground floor of the chapel (250m) on the occasion of its temporary exhibitions.
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