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Musée d'Huez et de l'Oisans

Alpe d'Huez | Archéologie - Ethnologie - Histoire

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The Musée d'Huez and Oisans is a veritable conservatory of arts and popular traditions of the township, the Museum is interested in communal and cantonal territory, and more generally to life in the mountains.

Two exhibitions are offered with a new museum.

People here live in ... Oisans past: the visitor is guided in a journey that will make him enter the life of the people of Oisans, from birth to death. Rituals, beliefs, lifestyle, economic and social life are all aspects proposed you to discover.

Brandes, its silver mines, its suburbs, XII-XIV °: the twelfth to the fourteenth century, a small mining community expands at 1800m to extract money from the mountain. Thanks to models, a playful set design, presentation of objects of daily life, everyone can take a trip back in time and go to the meeting of these minors. The tour of the exhibition at the Museum may be completed by visiting the site.
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