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Musée du Pic Saint-Loup

Les Matelles | Archéologie
Created in 1952 at the initiative of Pierre Pannoux, archaeologist, and Joseph Martin, mayor of Matelles, the Museum of Pic Saint-Loup is the first museum of prehistory to have been born in Languedoc-Roussillon.

The museum's collections offer a wide panorama on the Prehistory of the North Montpellier garrigue, Upper Paleolithic to Neolithic. They have discovered the remains in many dolmens, caves and villages of the Copper Age excavated by Pierre Pannoux. The exhibits - bones, tools, polished stone axes, ornaments, pottery, daggers ... - associated with educational panels, let imagine the daily lives of our ancestors, the Neanderthals occupying caves and chasing large herbivores and reindeer, the first sedentary farmers, builders of villages in dry stone.
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