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Musée Noisot

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Museum and Park Noisot Fixin is a "Napoleon Museum" and a "forest park" built in the nineteenth century by grumbler Noisot Claude (1787-1861) on the heights of Fixin near Dijon in Burgundy, Côte-d'Or .

In 1835 after his return from Elba Island, retiring in Fixin, Captain Claude Noisot (Auxonne 1787 - Fixin 1861), large and loyal fan of the Emperor Napoleon, a former grenadier soldier in the old guard Imperial officer of the Legion of Honor (he followed Napoleon into exile in the Kingdom of Elba) had installed the "Noisot park" planted between 1830 and 1840 Corsican pine (in honor of the emperor ) on a plot of 5 acres he bought on the heights of Fixin.

See also nearby in the park Noisot '' The Rise of Napoleon '', a sculpture by François Rude.
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