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Musée Pyrénéen

Lourdes | Archéologie - Ethnologie - Arts décoratifs

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At the heart of the castle, a major witness in the history of the town of Lourdes of the eleventh century to modern times, the Pyrenean museum was born in 1921 under the leadership of Louis and Margalide The Bondidier.

Passion of the Pyrenees, they gather collections on the history and mountain cultures throughout the Franco-Spanish Pyrenees from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Their motto, to a large regional museum where "everything Pyrenean should be foreign to us."

The variety of cultures found in the Pyrenees costumes, furniture, funeral rites, agricultural practices, pastoral and craft. Decorative arts, with a superb set of earthenware Samadet and religious arts, baroque altarpieces and statues, enrich these collections.
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