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Museon Arlaten

Arles | Arts décoratifs - Ethnologie - Histoire
Museon Arlaten (Provençal for "Museum of Arles") is a museum of ethnography of Provence. It is located in the center of Arles, at 29, rue de la République, in the former mansion Laval-Castellane and contains representative collections of art, ethnology and history of Arles.

It was founded by Frédéric Mistral in 1896, while ethnography interested European regions left out of progress. With the help of Dr. Emile Marignan, he wrote a manual collection and sees donations coming. The first museum opened in 1899, the collections are given in the Department of Bouches-du-Rhone. In 1904, with the money he received for the Nobel Prize for Literature, it installs the museum in the house of Laval-Castellane, then College of Arles. After the death of Frederic Mistral in 1914, is Fernand Benoit takes his suite as curator of Museon Arlaten.
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