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Botero, Dialogue avec Picasso

Caumont Centre d'Art | Aix-en-Provence
€10 - €14
The exhibition will present the Columbian master’s rich oeuvre from a unique perspective, through the prism of his artistic and cultural affinities with Pablo Picasso. Botero’s imaginary dialogue with the great master of modern painting draws its inspiration from shared roots and pays an eloquent tribute to Picasso.

Even though the two artists never met, they share Hispanic roots and a strong link with the Mediterranean. In his youth, Botero took an interest in Picasso’s works; he admired his rich palette, and the monumentality and sensuality of the forms. In both artists’ works, the distortion of the human body and volumes corresponds to a resolutely subjective view of reality and a radically modern approach in the history of figurative art, which is at the root of each artist’s personal and unique language.

Botero’s works (around fifty paintings and drawings) will be complemented by ten to fifteen works by Picasso, originating from the collections in the Musée National Picasso in Paris and the Museo Picasso in Barcelona. The joint presentation of their works will highlight the many aspects of their shared artistic explorations: from still lifes to nudes, from bullfighting to popular festivals, and from self-portraits to the influences of the masters who preceded them in the history of art.

The exhibition is over since the 11/03/2018

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  • Name: Caumont Centre d'Art
  • Address: 3 rue Joseph Cabassol - 13100 - Aix-en-Provence - France
  • Phone: 04 42 20 70 01


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