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Charles Fréger - Fabula

Centre d'Art Contemporain de la MATMUT | Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville
Free Admission
Jockeys, legionnaires, water polo players, cheerleaders, workers, royal guards ... Since his years of studies at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen, Charles Fréger began to photograph groups of people and the clothes that made them. identify. One could speak of inventory, or encyclopedic project, as the generic title of this project suggests: "Photographic Portraits and Uniforms"; and the apparent neutrality of the shots, the systematism of the protocol, accentuate this first impression.

It is above all a philanthropic approach. Charles Fréger makes visible minorities and traditions sometimes ancestral across the five continents. In this invitation to travel, folklore is avoided thanks to a precise or even formal photographic process: frontal framing, subject of face or profile, on a neutral background. The subject and the background are static, in favor of the garment, or rather of the "uniform" to use the photographer's words. Thus, by a subtle play of light, it is not only the textures that are revealed, but more broadly a community, distinguished by this clothing attribute.

The exhibition Fabula highlights the issue of staging the model. With these photographs, we discover subjects presented to us in a real theatrical posture as the actors of a troupe would do. In an abundance of colors, bodies and clothes play contrasts and metamorphoses: young Maori in British uniform explode in an angry dance, Indian soldiers seem to give the answer in a romantic comedy, a young Chinese singer shoots on we a martial look ... Everyone does not seem to be where we expect.

The exhibition is over since the 07/01/2018

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  • Name: Centre d'Art Contemporain de la MATMUT
  • Address: 425 rue du Château - 76480 - Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville - France
  • Phone: (33) 02 35 05 61 73




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