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Chinese Opera

Museu do Oriente | Lisbon
€2 - €6
The exhibition occupies the entire 2nd floor of the museum, giving a complete overview of this unique genre in all its diversity and exuberance. The exhibition features 280 items such as costumes, wigs, hairstyles, make-up models, puppets, prints, paintings and musical instruments, as well as photos and videos.

Considered one of China's cultural treasures, traditional opera appeared at the end of the eleventh century, adding elements of much older artistic forms. It is a synthesis of various arts, which includes singing, music, speech, mime, dance, makeup techniques, acrobatics and martial arts with the handling of props like weapons and beards.

Traditionally represented without decor, and with a vast repertoire, the main characteristic of Chinese opera is to be the opposite of realism. The voice is never natural and the movements, very stylized and symbolic, express the feelings of the character according to a strict aesthetic imperative.

It is this universe full of symbolism and great material wealth, the exhibition The Chinese Opera aims to show, through stories, objects and characters that compose it.

Immersing visitors in the experience of the show, the entrance to the exhibition is the reconstruction of an opera scene.

The exhibition is over since the 31/12/2018

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  • Name: Museu do Oriente
  • Address: Avenida Brasília Doca de Alcântara Norte - 1350-362 - Lisbon - Portugal
  • Phone: (351) 213 585 200


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