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David Goldblatt

Centre Pompidou | Paris
€11 - €14
The Center Pompidou is dedicating, for the first time in France, a large-scale retrospective to South African photographer David Goldblatt.

The exhibition offers a tour of the entire production of the photographer (born in 1930) and presents more than two hundred photographs, a hundred unpublished documents - from the artist's archives -, youth essays (such as first photographs taken in Randfontein's mines), up to the most recent images.

Seven films, specially produced by the Pompidou Center for the event, are broadcast throughout the exhibition's sections of the exhibition. David Goldblatt comments on his photographs and invites visitors to dive into his fascinating work, which teaches you to look with a conscious and analytical eye.

Since the 1960s, David Goldblatt has traveled to his homeland, South Africa. Through his photographs, he tells his story, his geography, and its inhabitants. His images scrupulously examine the complex history of this country where he witnessed the establishment of apartheid, its development and its downfall.

The exhibition is over since the 07/05/2018

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  • Name: Centre Pompidou
  • Address: Place Georges Pompidou - 75004 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 44 78 12 33


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