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Decoration Never Dies, Anyway

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum | Tokyo
¥440 - ¥1,100
Decoration has always existed together in hand with mankind. Beginning with rituals mourning the deceased and tattoos associated with sorcery, although on occasion rendered a mere formality, it is that which has continued to persist while repeatedly undergoing changes and harboring new meanings in correspondence to the times. Decoration could indeed be described as being constantly in flux, in an endless cycle of transmigration. This exhibition features seven artists whom are all different in age, nationality, and genre. The means of expression they employ are diverse, including a trailer adorned with Gothic decoration, carpets that mix together patterns derived from various cultural spheres, and paintings that through the façade of windows imagines the life and personalities of the people who live there. In their works the artists juxtapose entirely differ-ent epochs and values, imagine worlds that do not actually exist, and attempt to interpret the concept of “decoration” as it exists in the context of daily life. In observing their endeavors, we as viewers recognize that the act of decoration is indeed the essential key to perceiving the vivid and complex reality that inextricably surrounds us. After all, “Decoration never dies, anyway.”

The exhibition is over since the 25/02/2018

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  • Name: Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
  • Address: 5 Chome-21-9 - Shirokanedai - 108-0071 - Tokyo - Japon
  • Phone: (81) 3 3443 3228


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