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Hello My Game Is

Musée en Herbe | Paris
€5 - €10
Playing with art is possible! The Musée en Herbe brings together generations around the work of one of the great street-art pioneers: Invader. Its small pixelated aesthetic creations straight out of the famous video game "Space Invaders", literally "invaders of space", are invited, among other things, within this temple of childhood.

Young visitors and their parents are invited to immerse themselves in the artist's universe through a thematic journey unveiling over a hundred original works! Arcades, a large interactive world map, Rubik's cubes paintings, a wall of magnets and many other facilities allow you to play Invader's work and understand its international scope.

Curious and observant, children are generally in the best position to spot small patches of tiled walls in cities all over the world, and to open the doors of an incredible universe to physically interact with one another Playful, technological and humanist work. Do not miss out on the opportunity to go to the conquest of space with your family!

The exhibition is over since the 07/01/2018

Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée en Herbe
  • Address: 23, rue de l'Arbre-Sec - 75001 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 40 67 97 66




Exposition, Atelier, Visite guidée

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