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High Society

Rijksmuseum | Amsterdam
€8.75 - €17.5
The Rijksmuseum presents ‘High Society’: four centuries of glamour by the great masters of the history of art, including Cranach, Veronese, Velázquez, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Sargent, Munch and Manet.

The highlight of the exhibition will be Rembrandt’s pendant portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit. These spectacular portraits were painted to commemorate the couple’s marriage. This will be the first time since their restoration that they will be on view to the public. The exhibition features over 35 paintings from international museums and private collections in Paris, London, Florence, Vienna and Los Angeles.

The exhibition is over since the 03/06/2018

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  • Name: Rijksmuseum
  • Address: Museumstraat 1 - 1071 - Amsterdam - Pays-Bas
  • Phone: (31) 0 900 0745


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