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Indian cultures and the Art of Knowing

MACHmit! Museum | Berlin
€3.5 - €7
The exhibition speaks of freedom and justice. Together, we ask ourselves: how did the Native Americans live yesterday and today?
  What do we know about the European colonization of North America and why do so many emigrants say that "the new world" belongs to them only? What questions do we ask the world? What answers do we encounter in life? Identity needs freedom. All people have the right to be free.

Interesting items and unusual stories from and about different Indian cultures are waiting to meet you. In the museum's workshops, the themes of the exhibition are deepened artistically and artisanally.

The purpose of the exhibition is to convey tolerance, respect and curiosity.

The exhibition is over since the 30/06/2018

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Contact details

  • Name: MACHmit! Museum
  • Address: Senefelderstraße 5 - 10437 - Berlin - Allemagne
  • Phone: (49) 030 747 78 200


Boutique, Café


Exposition, Visite guidée, Spectacle

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