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Infinis d’Asie – Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Musée Guimet | Paris
€8.5 - €11.5
For this new photographic rendezvous, the MNAAG invites Jean-Baptiste Huynh and his singular look on Asia. In a refined and timeless scenography, conceived by the artist himself, an ordered, intimate and introspective work is revealed through the portrait, the nude, the mineral and vegetable universe, or the emblematic spiritual symbols of the countries of which he has been familiar for more than twenty years. The face, the look, the self-image, the light, the timelessness and the relation to the infinite form the recurring themes of his work.

The photographic research undertaken by Jean-Baptiste Huynh at the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet began several years ago around the collection of mirrors, become celestial bodies under his gaze. The culmination of his artistic endeavor, deeply linked to his experience in Asia, naturally had to continue and be transformed on the very spot of one of his major inspirations, the works of MNAAG. Jean-Baptiste Huynh offers to the public, in a form of retrospective of his work and privileged meeting with the museum, an intensely personal Asia, imbued with the grandeur and radiance of all the faces seen during a history of passion and passion. of fascination.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh was born in France in 1966, a French mother and a Vietnamese father. Self-taught, he learns photographic, lighting and printing techniques. From 2006 to 2012, he made a study on light through five series gathered in the book "Light" that accompanies the personal exhibition that the Louvre Museum dedicated to him in 2012, gathering images inspired by the museum's collections. Winner of the Villa Medici outside the walls, Jean-Baptiste Huynh exhibits in various galleries and museums around the world.

The exhibition is over since the 20/05/2019

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  • Name: Musée Guimet
  • Address: 6, place d'Iéna - 75116 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 56 52 53 00


Restaurant, Librairie, Boutique


Exposition, Visite guidée, Atelier pédagogique, Conférence, Concert, Spectacle

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