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Inside You

American Museum of Natural History | New York
$13 - $23
Did you know that your gastrointestinal tract is home to about 100 trillion bacteria? That's more organisms than there are stars in the Milky Way!

Our bodies are home to many trillions of microbes, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms collectively called the human microbiome. In any human, microbial genes outnumber the genes in human DNA by more than 100 to one. This new perspective leads us to look at our bodies not just as individuals, but as entire ecosystems.

Inside You explores the rapidly evolving science that is revolutionizing how we view human health and introduces some of the scientists who are breaking new ground in microbiome research.

The exhibition is over since the 16/06/2019

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  • Name: American Museum of Natural History
  • Address: Central Park West at 79th Street - 10024 - New York - Etats-Unis
  • Phone: (1) 212 769-5100


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