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Jana Euler: High in Amsterdam. The sky of Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum | Amsterdam
€8.75 - €17.5
The work of the young German artist Jana Euler (1982) is permeated by energy. Euler’s practice focuses on the interplay of painting, sculpture and word & image. Her work explores contemporary identity and the impact and role of cultural, social and technological developments in its formation.

The presentation High in Amsterdam, The Sky of Amsterdam brings together work from all of Euler’s solo exhibitions so far, combined with new work she has created especially for the Stedelijk Museum’s IMC Gallery.

The exhibition is over since the 15/10/2017

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  • Name: Stedelijk Museum
  • Address: Museumplein - 10 1071 DJ - Amsterdam - Pays-Bas
  • Phone: (31) 020 - 5732911


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