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Jochen Lempert

Kunst Haus - Hundertwasser Museum | Vienna
€8 - €9
Jochen Lempert creates image multiverses that unfold in books and exhibition spaces to tell of the coexistence of different life forms in an exceptionally poetic way. They are also complex explorations at the interfaces between the history of photography and the history of science. In featuring Jochen Lempert’s photography, the KUNST HAUS WIEN Garage is once again devoting itself to ecology-themed photography. For more than twenty-five years the biologist and photographer has been studying the way in which human, animal, plant and micro-organic life forms influence one another, seeking ways and possibilities for depicting those processes.

He often has recourse to photographic processes that were first used in 19th century science photography and were very popular among amateurs at the time; they were later re-adopted by surrealist photography for its subversion of the factual. As much as he positions himself beyond the realm of state-of-the-art photography, he is also fiercely committed to the photographic ‘trace’. For Lempert, photography is purely and simply a medium for documenting motion and change: it is about reconstruction, evolution, and the demonstration of contexts.

Lempert’s oeuvre is imbued with a high level of visual poetry. With and without the camera he produces images of plants, animals, and manifestations of elements, of urban situations and the inventory of civilisation. The photographs exist as air-dried and therefore slightly undulating black-and-white baryta-coated papers, mostly frameless in their presentation. The way in which they correspond produces ‘traces’ with issues pertaining to biology, cultural history and civilisation: take for instance the formal analogy depicted by the paired photographs entitled Belladonna, with the squirrel’s eye and the fruit of the deadly nightshade (i.e. belladonna) – what possibilities resonate here between the animal, the plant, and the viewer’s gaze?

The exhibition is over since the 10/06/2018

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Contact details

  • Name: Kunst Haus - Hundertwasser Museum
  • Address: Untere Weißgerberstraße 13 - 1030 - Vienna - Autriche
  • Phone: (43) 01 712 04 91


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