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Pete Souza - Obama : An Intimate Portrait

Museum The Kennedys | Berlin
€2.5 - €5
This is the first exhibition on the Obama presidency in Germany, opening on November 4 — the anniversary of Barack Obama's first election to the office of President of the United States. All 65 exhibition photographs are taken from the oeuvre of Pete Souza, former Chief White House Photographer (2009-2017).

Is it too early to commemorate Obama in a museum? The term of the 44th President of the United States only ended on January 20th of this year. And yet, it already seems very much in the past; partly due to the overwhelming presence of his successor, Donald Trump, who is beginning to invert Obama's political legacy. According to political scientists, Trump’s election marks a turning point in the political culture of the United States and, like no other event, signifies the deep ideological and economic division of the American society. This is more than reason enough to look back at the preceding era of Obama with this exhibition.

In order to facilitate a retrospective, the exhibition’s photographs of Souza are arranged chronologically by year. Three thematic aspects complement this process and invite the visitor to reflect on the origins and effects of the photographs, as well as to recapitulate the political achievements of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The exhibition is over since the 29/04/2018

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  • Name: Museum The Kennedys
  • Address: Auguststraße 11-13 - 10117 - Berlin - Allemagne
  • Phone: (49) 030 20 65 35 70




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