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Prague 1848–1918

Prague City Museum | Prague
Kč60 - Kč150
The exhibition will present two important moments in the history of Prague – the events of 1848, especially the Pentecostal Uprising, and the declaration of the independent Czechoslovak state on 28 October 1918 including the reflections of Prague life which resulted in the establishment of Czechoslovakia. Furthermore, the exhibition will show the changes in Prague during the second half of the 19th century. Over several decades, Prague underwent remarkable modernisation, was surrounded by suburbs, and constructed many transport structures and important public buildings. Altogether, Prague was transformed into a modern metropolis.

The year of ‘big changes’ – 1848 – presented singular events in Prague; for several days, Prague witnessed street fights beginning on 12 June 1848, and the exhibition coincides with its 170th anniversary. On that account, an outstanding collection of the rebels’ weapons from the collection of the City of Prague Museum will be displayed as well as a collection of leaflets which show the wider associations of the turbulent period.

Altogether, the exhibition will present Prague as a venue of a significant historical epoch whose impact went far beyond its borders; nonetheless, Prague was mostly a key place for acts and decisions. Thus it is worthwhile to present this interesting historical period using the wide palette of collection items and modern audio-visual means to show the significant details of the momentous phenomena of the time.

The exhibition is over since the 24/02/2019

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  • Name: Prague City Museum
  • Address: Na Poříčí 52 - 180 00 - Prague - République Tchèque
  • Phone: (420) 224 816 772–3




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