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Specular Windows - Reflections on the Self and the Wider World

21er Haus | Vienna
€5.5 - €7
Specular Windows brings together around sixty contemporary works and a selection of historical pieces from the Belvedere collection, all of which revolve around experiences of self and world. The artworks deal with utopias and crises, the horror of the everyday, phenomena of the spiritual, the politicization of the body, as well as sociophysics and psychonautics, surreal worlds and individual mythologies. Drawing from the notion of art as a window to the world, this exhibition takes a look at the tension between the individual and society and reflects its effects on the body and mind.

The exhibition is over since the 14/01/2018

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Contact details

  • Name: 21er Haus
  • Address: Quartier Belvedere, Arsenalstraße 1 - 1030 - Vienna - Autriche
  • Phone: (43) 1 795 57-134


Boutique, Café


Exposition, Visite guidée, Concert, Performance