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Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

Museum of Sydney | Sydney
A$8 - A$12
Criminals thrived during the turbulent 1920s when rapid societal change led to the opening up of new illicit markets for entrepreneurial felons. Sydney’s police photographers captured the zeitgeist of the era in these unexpectedly candid mug shots of cocaine sellers and addicts, sly-grog purveyors and small-time criminals. Bosses, bruisers, plotters and petty crims are captured by the camera as they stare down the lens and into history.

The exhibition is over since the 29/04/2018

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  • Name: Museum of Sydney
  • Address: Phillip St & Bridge Street - NSW 2000 - Sydney - Australie
  • Phone: (61) 2 9251 5988


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