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Vis à Vis : Asia Meets Europe

Kunstgewerbemuseum | Berlin
€4 - €8
The Museum für Asiatische Kunst closed its doors in Dahlem in early January 2017 to prepare for reinstallation in the Humboldt Forum.

This provides an opportunity to display a selection of its collections interspersed with the permanent exhibitions at the Kunstgewerbemuseum. Works from both museums will be displayed in stages, placed in associative dialogue with each other within the framework of five thematic discourses providing insights into a transfer of materials, techniques, forms, and motifs that took place over the course of multiple centuries.

The exhibition is over since the 30/04/2019

Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Kunstgewerbemuseum
  • Address: Matthäikirchplatz - 10785 - Berlin - Allemagne
  • Phone: (49) 030 266 42 42 42


Restaurant, Café, Boutique



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