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798 Art District

Beijing | Contemporary Art
Free Admission
Anyone with even a slight interest in Chinese contemporary art should get a firsthand look at the scene at the bustling 798 Art District.

Formerly the site of several state-owned factories, the complex began attracting a small group of artists in the late 1990s; more artists and cultural organizations followed starting in the early 2000s, when the old buildings were transformed into galleries, studios, art centers, restaurants, and bars.

Now a protected arts district that has been largely pedestrianized, 798 is also home to cafes, commercial galleries, and even souvenir shops. The galleries these days are hit or miss—you’ll see plenty of bad knockoffs of Western art and unappealing Socialism-era portraits—but the district still stands at the city’s most important contemporary arts hub.

10:00 - 18:00

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Contact details

  • Name: 798 Art District
  • Address: 1 Qixing W Street - 100015 - Beijing - Chine
  • Phone: (86) 10 5978 9798


Théâtre, Galerie, Restaurant, Café, Boutique




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