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Alcatraz Island

San Francisco
$18.25 - $30
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For almost 150 years, Alcatraz gives chills to innocent and cold sweats to those who do not have a clear conscience. Through the years, it went from first military prison in the country in a penitentiary placed under surveillance before becoming the national park we know today.

But a trip to Alcatraz is not just visiting an old prison is much more than that. The ferry takes you to "The Rock" gives you the opportunity to have great views of the Golden Gate, berries, Angel Island and Ellis Island.

Once there, the list of detainees is quite impressive and the biggest criminals were incarcerated there. We find names like Al Capone, George Kelly and Robert Stroud. The Anglin and Frank Morris brothers escaped on a boat and were never found. The rangers who lead tours will have many exciting stories to tell.

08:45 - 21:25

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  • Name: Alcatraz Island
  • Address: 104 Montgomery St - 94133 - San Francisco - Etats-Unis
  • Phone: (1) 415 561 4900


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