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Arhome - Musée de l'Innovation Industrielle

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The Museum of Industrial Innovation tells more than the story of a family home became a multinational company. Very innovative, it offers an experimental, playful and curious journey that traces the highlights of French industry.

The company A.Raymond (Raymond-Buttons for Grenoble strain!) Became an international group that ranks first in the world in some markets fixation, especially for the automotive industry.

It's that time of prosperity, while several workshops during Berriat will be moved to a new facility, what its leaders chose to create a corporate museum.

Technicians heritage, accustomed to see the heritage application emerge when businesses close, are tempted to applaud this approach, the use of history and museum while the firm is in the making!

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  • Name: Arhome - Musée de l'Innovation Industrielle
  • Address: 113 cours Berriat - 38000 - Grenoble - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 76 33 49 01

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