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Atelier de Paul Cézanne

Aix-en-Provence | Fine Arts
€2.5 - €6
7 87 Votes
Workplace painter during the last years of his life. His ultimate creations, died at Large Bathers and Gardener Vallier natures emerge in this studio still located in a rural area overlooking the city. The workshop is not a museum but a museum of works of items that belonged to Cézanne: personal items the painter, his clothes country his easel, his furniture, his chaise longue, several elements of a still life, on the walls you can see a crucifix, prints and copies made ​​by Cézanne great masters in the Louvre

10:00 - 18:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Atelier de Paul Cézanne
  • Address: 9 avenue Paul Cézanne - 13090 - Aix-en-Provence - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 42 21 06 53


Librairie, Boutique, Buvette


Exposition, Conférence, Animation

Getting there

  • By bus : ligne n° 1

Frank Rimalovski


Luke Stanley