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Basilica di San Marco

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St Mark's Basilica is from Byzantine influence: its Greek cross plan, the five domes and 8000 square meters of mosaics testify. They depict scenes from the Old and New Testament, the life of Christ, the Virgin, Saint Mark and other saints and allegorical figures.

Begun in 1063 on the foundations of an ancient building with a Greek architect under the Doge Contarini, the church was consecrated in 1094 when the body of St. Mark is deposited in the center of the crypt under the altar. Changes and enlargements take place until the fourteenth century. This is a rare wealth of patterns and materials, for many from Constantinople. Inside the treasure can be admired silverware, precious stones, painted glass while the altar on which is located the Pala d'Oro, made of enamel, pearls and gems, contains the relics of the saint.

To see: The four horses of gilded copper on the central arch, which came from towers of Constantinople Hippodrome in 1204. The two columns to the side of the basilica, which come from Acre, arranged in 1256, on which there are Egyptian-Syrian monograms of the fifth century. At the corner between the Basilica and the Ducale Palace: four warriors representing the tetrarchy of Emperor Diocletian, carved in a single block of porphyry.

What to do: Climb up the only remaining bell tower, measuring 99 meters and dating from the twelfth century. The bronze automatons are sounding the hour, as the lion of St. Mark.

09:30 - 17:00

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  • Name: Basilica di San Marco
  • Address: Piazza San Marco, 328 - 30124 - Venice - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 041 270 83 11


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