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Beijing Zoo

¥10 - ¥19
Beijing Zoo and Aquarium, located to the west of Beijing City (2km west of XiZhiMen subway station), next to the Beijing Exhibition Hall, has both rare Chinese animals, such as the Giant Panda and the Golden Monkey, and also a strong selection from around the world - from Polar Bears to Kangaroos.

Beijing Zoo covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters and there are more than 20 areas. Beijing Zoo is set in a rich landscape of trees, hills and lakes, alongside a canal that flows all the way to the Summer Palace.

In addition to its public education role, Beijing Zoo is also a famous center of zoological research and conservation, inclusing a number of breeding programs. Beijing Zoo has a long and productive history with giant pandas. It was the first to breed giant pandas successfully (1963).

07:30 - 18:00

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  • Name: Beijing Zoo
  • Address: 137 Xizhimen Outer Street - 100044 - Beijing - Chine
  • Phone: (86) 10 6839 0274


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