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Cappelle Medicee

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The Medici Chapels form part of the monumental complex of San Lorenzo. The church of San Lorenzo was the official church of the Medici from their period as private residents in their palace in Via Larga (now via Cavour), becoming their mausoleum up to the time of the extinction of the line. Giovanni de' Bicci de' Medici (died 1429) was the first who wished to be buried there with his wife Piccarda in Brunelleschi's small Sacristy. Later, his son Cosimo the Elder, was buried in the crossing of the church. The project for a family tomb was conceived in 1520 when Michelangelo began work on the New Sacristy, corresponding to the Old Sacristy by Brunelleschi on the other side of the church. It was above all Cardinal Giulio de' Medici, future Pope Clement VII who wished to erect a mausoleum for certain members of his family, Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brothers Lorenzo, Duke of Urbino (1492-1519) and Giuliano, Duke of Nemours (1479-1516).

The architecture was complete by 1524, its white walls and pietra serena interior based on Brunelleschi's designs. Entered through the back of the San Lorenzo Church, the chapels are divided into three distinct parts: the crypt, the Cappella dei Principi (Chapel of the Princes) and the New Sacristy. The crypt is the part where minor members of the dynasty were unceremoniously laid to rest.

08:15 - 16:50

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  • Name: Cappelle Medicee
  • Address: Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini, 6 - 50123 - Florence - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 055 238 8602

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  • By bus : ligne n°C1

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