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Catherine Palace

Saint Petersburg
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The Catherine Palace, also known as the Palace of Tsarskoye Selo is 25km from St. Petersburg in the city of Pushkin - called Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar's Village) until 1918 and then Detskoïe Selo until 1937.

The nickname of this palace owes nothing to chance. This is the Czarina Catherine I, second wife of Peter I, who receives this estate along with her title and decides to build this castle in 1711. After her death, her daughter - Elisabeth Petrovna - continues the work with the architect Rastrelli and baptized the palace in honor of her mother.

At the end of the eighteenth century Tsarina Catherine II takes over. She orders beautification work to Charles Cameron to make her favorite residence looks like Versailles. Besides the Cameron gallery which extends the current palace, she built the Alexander Palace for her little son, the future emperor Alexander I.

Also, the estate is currently divided into two parts: the Catherine Palace and Catherine Park, on one hand, and the Alexander Palace (currently under renovation) and the Alexander Park, on the other.

The Catherine Palace has a long frontage of 300 meters painted in deep blue. White columns and pilasters punctuate the whole. Once inside, you will put on protective plastic slippers (to avoid damaging the floor) before climbing the marble staircase that opens the visit.

The massive dimensions (846 m²) and pomp of the Ballroom will leave you speechless. Everywhere in this empty room, you will only see mirrors and gilding. The other rooms of the Palace are in the same taste. You will also notice the abundance of monograms, especially the "E" for Ekatirina (Catherine in Russian). Catherine II apartments are just part of the festivities. Imagine, 11 rooms furnished in the pure classical style. The Amber Lounge should also fascinate you. Different amber panels that adorn its walls are a fineness of wonder.

Outside, the 300-hectare park is divided between French garden and English garden. On the lake, gondolas allow tourists to reach the island in the center.

Several pavilions scattered here and there show the blue hues of the Grand Palace. But it is especially the Cameron Gallery - adjoining the Palace - that commands attention. Like an acropolis, it contains ancient figures busts Plato, Caesar, etc.

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  • Name: Catherine Palace
  • Address: Garden St, 7 - Pushkin - 196601 - Saint Petersburg - Russie
  • Phone: (7) 812 415-76-67


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