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Chaliapin Memorial Apartment

Saint Petersburg | History
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Acclaimed by Arturo Toscanini as the greatest talent with whom he ever worked, Feodor Chaliapin was a self-taught singer of peasant origin who took first Russia and then the whole operatic world by storm with his powerful voice, technical brilliance, and raw charisma.

Although Chaliapin left the Soviet Union for good in 1922, he never officially argued with the Bolshevik government, and this apartment on Aptekarsky Island, his home in St. Petersburg since 1914, was preserved along with its contents by his secretary.

As well as the recreated rooms containing the singer's personal effects and a reconstruction of his dressing room at the Mariinsky Theatre, the museum charts Chaliapin's life and career through a display of photographs, letters, costumes, set designs, and posters from the productions which he starred in. There are also several portraits of the singer, including a famous canvas by Boris Kustodiyev which depicts Chaliapin against a colourful winter backdrop with scenes that record his rapid rise to fame.

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  • Name: Chaliapin Memorial Apartment
  • Address: ul. Graftio, 2с - 197022 - Saint Petersburg - Russie
  • Phone: (7) 812 234 10 56

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  • By bus : ligne n°1, 2M, 2MB, 5M, 5MA, 46

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