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The Domaine Royal of Château Gaillard is a haven of 15 hectares of greenery, located in the heart of the city of Amboise. It is the forgotten Paradise of the Renaissance in Touraine. On his return from Italy in 1496, the young King Charles VIII fell in love with the Italian cities and palaces and decided to recreate the "Paradise Terrestre" in Amboise at Château Gaillard.

To realize this dream, he convinced 22 Italian artists to come back with him to Amboise, including Dom Pacello, the most famous gardener in 1500. He implanted at the Château Gaillard the first gardens of the French Renaissance and acclimated the first orange trees of France.

The site of the Royal Estate of Château Gaillard, has been a real experimental laboratory for Dom Pacello, the setting of its "Arte del verde" and takes the name of "Jardins du Roi" as early as 1500.

These marvelous gardens of Dom Pacello were restored in 2015, they present an unusual and unique example of the cradle of the first Renaissance and the unprecedented meeting between Italian and French artists.

You can discover at the Domaine Royal Château Gaillard :
. The gardens of the Roy of Dom Pacello
. The Limonaia-Orangerie Royale and its 20 varieties of citrus fruits
. The forest in the middle of the city and the seven paths of Paradise and the centuries-old trees
. The castle, its sculpted facade, its 12 caves
. The unique collection of polychrome stained glass windows at the St Just and illuminated medallions
. The exhibitions (History of the Orange trees, Photos of the restoration of places)

13:00 - 19:00

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  • Name: Château-Gaillard
  • Address: 29 Allée du Pont Moulin - 37400 - Amboise - France
  • Phone: (33) 02 47 30 33 29


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