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Cinémathèque Gnidzaz

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Since the 1910s, Martigues is a location. In 2007 Prosper Gnidzaz, passionate collector of film, the municipality offers its collection of 2,250 reels and 79 projectors, the oldest dating back to 1880. The city then decided to dedicate a space dedicated to the seventh art.

The Space Cinema Prosper Gnidzaz was inaugurated in May 2011 in a renovated 17th-century chapel. It offers an area of 260 m2, to discover the technical developments of the cinema, the first motion picture to 3D. In 2013, he became "La Cinémathèque Gnidzaz" and member of the FCAFF (Federation of Film Archives and Records movies France) alongside 14 institutions including the Marseille Cinematheque, the Film Nice, Institut Jean Vigo ... under the direction of Jean Renoir Cinema, it is a place of broadcast, image education and conservation.

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  • Name: Cinémathèque Gnidzaz
  • Address: 4 Rue Colonel Denfert - 13500 - Martigues - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 42 10 91 30

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