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Couvent des Minimes

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The convent of the Minimes moved to Perpignan to 1573 on the side of the hill "Sant Jaume Puig" thanks to royal and private donations. The monastery, dedicated to St. Mary of Victory, was established in the old Jewish quarter of the city, the Catalan "Call", located near the city walls.

Construction are linked: the church was completed around 1585, the convent building in 1620, and the cloister around 1655. This edifice built almost entirely of brick is virtually intact despite the different allocations of places since the departure of religious in 1791. Currently, the Minimes Monastery hosts many exhibitions throughout the year (spaces Dali or Peter Bulat) and the prestigious photojournalism festival "Visa pour l'Image" in September.

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  • Name: Couvent des Minimes
  • Address: Rue François Rabelais - 66000 - Perpignan - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 68 51 25 63

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