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Divo-Ostrov Amusement park

Saint Petersburg
Free Admission
8 6335 Votes
The city amusement park “Divo-Ostrov” (Island of Wonders) is located on Krestovsky Island of Petrogradsky District, close to the Gulf of Finland coastline.

The park is well equipped and creates a unique world for adults and children. Divo-Ostrov is comparable to leading European and American amusement parks in terms of technical equipment. The park’s main attractions are in the world’s top ten. In addition to more extreme rides, families can find electric car racing, a Ferris wheel, various merry-go-rounds, and a large playground with a soft ground-covering.

The amusement park also offers a choice of restaurants, cafes, shopping and leisure areas.

12:00 - 19:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Divo-Ostrov Amusement park
  • Address: Kemskaya ul., 1А - Krestovsky Island - 197110 - Saint Petersburg - Russie
  • Phone: (7) 812 382-10-80


Restaurant, Café, Boutique

Julee Altamimi


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