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East Coast Park Singapore

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If there’s one place in Singapore that’s synonymous with outdoor revelry, it’s East Coast Park.

Along this 15-kiliometre stretch of beach, you’ll find hordes of cyclists and roller bladers enjoying the sun and sea breeze, while cable skiing and water sports are on offer for those who prefer wetter pursuits.

The action goes up several notches at the world-class Xtreme SkatePark, a place where adrenaline junkies can get their fix.

It’s a great place to just sit back and relax too, with no shortage of restaurants, bars and cafes along the beaches to sip on a cocktail or grab a bite. Keep it simple and have a picnic with family and friends by the beach under the swaying coconut palms and Casuarinas.


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  • Name: East Coast Park Singapore
  • Address: East Coast Park Service Rd - 449876 - Singapore - Singapour
  • Phone: (65) 1800-471 7300


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Cheen The Curious


Cheen The Curious