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Ecomusée de l'Ile d'Ouessant - Maisons du Niou Huella

Ouessant | Ethnologie
€2 - €3.5
Peasant and maritime, a society has developed on this piece of land, isolated from the Mainland by a great belt of reefs and currents: a company of women, delivered only to farm work, and the construction of the houses while the men sailed long...
55000 parcels of land bear witness of them to survive here. The austerity of the architecture in this country without trees hides the interiors illuminated brightly, as sanctuaries.

Traditional architecture in Ouessant took into account the very special characteristics of life on this island. Houses preserved in the Huella Niou attest to the originality of a focused company both on sea, men, and about the cultivation of the soil area, domain of women. The interior layout of the House, with its painted furniture, seems to take root in the Organization of the space on the boats. The domestic space here preserved in its environment provides a framework to an evocation of life on the island of Ouessant once.
Meetings held with the elders allow to discuss development of ways of life and to ensure the transmission of the ancestral gestures

10:30 - 18:30

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  • Name: Ecomusée de l'Ile d'Ouessant - Maisons du Niou Huella
  • Address: Maison du Niou - 29242 - Ouessant - France
  • Phone: (33) 02 98 48 86 37


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  • By plane : aéroport de Brest-Guipavas

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