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Ecomusée de Marie-Galante

Free Admission
This is a unique museum space in France and in the Departments and Overseas Territories, which allows the permanent collection in one place in the history of the inhabitants of the island in relation to the collections and buildings Murat area.

The events planned as part of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Hundred abolition of slavery was an opportunity to showcase the biggest candy home of Guadeloupe in the nineteenth century.

A lawn with a wooded park full of flaming bright with a coconut, installation of benches and greenery surrounding the buildings on the estate, 7 hectares. This green area is very popular with walkers. Nocturnal illuminations of buildings (18h to 22h daily) highlight this place.

09:00 - 13:00

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Contact details

  • Name: Ecomusée de Marie-Galante
  • Address: Habitation Murat - 97112 - Grand-Bourg - Guadeloupe
  • Phone: (590) 05 90 97 48 68

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