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Fondazione Emilio & Annabianca Vedova

Venice | Contemporary Art
€6 - €8
The exhibition dedicated to Emilio Vedova is unique in the method in which viewers see the paintings. The museum hosts the great Venetian artist’s canvases, by means of a mechanical arm that takes them with a circular movement, from the store room where they are kept, to the exhibition room.

The public can admire the paintings as they “float” in the air before them.

The exhibition space was planned by architect Renzo Piano in the first among nine Magazzini del Sale, ancient store rooms used as salt containers at the time when Venice was still a Republic. The mechanism thought out by the architect is unique: the works are concealed in a store room at the end of the building so as to be received “in a dimension of eternity”, as Germano Celant artistic and scientific supervisor of the Foundation dedicated to Emilio and Annabianca Vedova explained. No nails are therefore used, as the works are collected ten at a time thanks to the mechanical device that takes them to the exhibition room. Here they remain suspended in the air for a couple of hours at different levels, giving the visitors time to admire them from every view point, even from behind. Every two hours the device changes the layout and the works leave the room with a slow, circular movement to be replaced by the next paintings. This is the first art exhibition whose works are displayed in a dynamic way and the layout may be changed. All this, thanks to a mechanical system and automated devices.

10:30 - 18:00

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  • Name: Fondazione Emilio & Annabianca Vedova
  • Address: Dorsoduro 266 - 30123 - Venice - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 041 522 66 26




Exposition, Visite guidée


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